Hi there!
I’m Niklas, currently a Postdoc @Meta AI (FAIR), where I work on memory in language models, reasoning with structured data, cryptography and different types of interpretability.
Previously I was an AI and Fundamental Physics Research Associate @MIT, where I worked on interpretability and robustness, both researching in the AI space aswell as using gained insights for more trustable data collection in collider physics.
In 2021 I completed a PhD in Physics from CERN, where I developed trigger & core software for the upgrade of the LHCb experiment.
Python and C++ are the languages I do best.

See my CV for more details.

When not at work, you might find me playing video games, in the gym, outside, playing lasertag, skiing, biking or so.


Last update: Mar 25, 2024

While at CERN and MIT, I was part of a large experimental physics collaboration, LHCb, which jointly publishes everything. I did not have significant contributions to the papers individually, but I was part of the team that developed the software and algorithms to be able to collect the data in the first place. This makes my Scholar page a little wonky, therefore I keep track here, where I actually did a significant chunk of the things presented.